Christmas Card Tradition

WE LOVE CHRISTMAS and one of our favorite Christmas time traditions is making our silly Christmas cards! It all started back in 2000 with our first house and the old rusty shed out back. To us, it looked like a “White Trash Shack”…and so the idea for our first Christmas card was born! As the kids get older, we enjoy brainstorming with them for each year’s theme. We take the photos separately and then layer them together in Photoshop to create a cohesive scene.  I guess one year we “Photoshopped” the photo a little too well…a few folks actually thought we held our newborn son upside down by his foot (see Christmas 2006)!
Scroll down to see cards from Christmas past!



Hark the Hairy Angels Sing! 2020 was a hairy year…literally and figuratively!


A Wayne (or 4) in a manger…what else can we say?!


This one seems to be everyone’s favorite and is definitely one of ours!

Our son’s face here is priceless!


This so perfectly fits our family!


This card was perfect since that year our kids tried to plan out every second of our lives!
All our daughter ever wanted to do was SNUGGLE!

This one is pretty self explanatory!


Just wishful thinking!


This saying was perfect since Daren had a crazy ring master type mustache that year!


It’s Elvis…why not! Plus, we were missing all of our loved ones in Seattle!


We were feeling saucy! Just kidding, this was the first Christmas back in my old neighborhood!


This was our first year living in Michigan! Since Oliver lost his first tooth that year,
we thought being toothless would only be appropriate!


This was our last year living in Seattle but looking forward
to spending the holidays at home in Michigan and Arkansas!

2008He is the reason for the season!


We wore ugly Christmas sweaters before ugly Christmas sweaters were cool!
This Christmas photo is the only one we actually took together…so far!
The kids faces are hilarious in this one.


Seriously, we had a few people concerned that we actually held our newborn up by his leg! We promise, he was laying on the bed, then photoshopped in!
No babies were hurt while taking that year’s photo!

The title to this one was We Three Kings, Disoriented Are!
We had a toddler…need we say more?


An oldie but a goodie…we are wearing nothing but crazy hats!

We seem to be missing 2002-2003, which was our Pre-kid era
when we dressed our dog and cat up as reindeer! (Not missing Much!)

And the one that started it all…


I’m dreaming of a White Trash Christmas!

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