How Much Do You Charge?

We get asked this question quite often and honestly there is no easy answer!  Each project is unique and the tools, materials and equipment will change with each project we create. A 13-foot dragon is priced differently than a indoor playhouse. Even our Dragons would be priced differently…Do you want it to be an indoor Dragon or an outdoor Dragon? One you can sit on and that is structurally sound or one that will be just for looks, that can be made with lighter materials?

When you come to us with a project, the first thing we will ask you is…What is your budget? We want to know what we can feasibly do that’ll fit into your budget.

A perfect example of this would be a client that wanted a marble platform with stairs for her ballet production.  Her budget didn’t allow for real marble so we used a wooden platform and staircase that we painted to look like marble. You can see the photos below!

It takes time and effort to design and price each project. We appreciate your honesty when discussing your budget so that we can figure in which techniques and materials we will use to custom design and create your project while also making sure we stay within the boundaries of your budget. Whether it’s a big project or small, with a big budget or not, our mission is to blow your socks off! We want you to love the end result, just as much as we do!

Deanna painting the wooden stairs to look like marble
The “Marble” platform and stairs on stage.

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