This one of a kind Landspeeder was created for a Star Wars fan family to sit pool side of their epic Star Wars themed Legendary Escapes Pool. This Landspeeder was created primarily from foam blocks, fiberglass, plywood, pvc sheet, pvc pipe and a bunch of found objects.

One of the coolest features of this landspeeder is that it has five “feet”, made from auto shock springs, that are bolted to the concrete patio. So, when you get in or out of the landspeeder, it gives it just enough “wiggle” to feel like your getting into a floating vehicle. At the same time the coils are rigid enough to give it plenty of support.
The front grill is made from pvc flex tubing then painted to look like it just came off a long road trip.
The back jets have a galvanized air duct core. They’re wrapped with sheet foam (mostly scrap), foiled and fiberglassed. If you look close, you’ll also see decorative garage door parts, sump pump hose and a couple of old air vents.
The drivers side has a motorcycle windshield and the steering wheel and throttle came off an old Glasstron boat as well as the rear seat rails (not seen here). We cut the steering wheel to look more “race-like”. If you look close, on the hood, just to the right of the steering column you’ll see a little black box. That’s actually a solar panel so the Landspeeder lights up (inside and under) at night.
Lots of fun little details on the jet engines. Can you recognize any of them? The front of the jet engines are actually pool vent covers.

To see how we created the Landspeeder, go here.