What We Do on Date Night!

It’s not often that Daren and I work together. Isn’t that crazy?! We run a business together but most of the time we are in two different places working on different stages of the same project. As Daren says “It’s lots of high fives, quick kisses and passing off the kids”. But we love what we do! It’s always been fun to involve our kids in the creative process and get their opinions and perspective and now that they are older, they can actually physically help! Our daughter has even gone on a few deliveries with us and helped muscle some large pieces.¬†Another benefit of the kids getting older…we have a little more freedom! Which means date night for us!!!

Our version of date night may not be typical…one of our favorite places to go for a cheap date is Barnes and Noble. We grab a coffee and latte, head to the art section and just dream together! We are also big movie buffs, so we will try to sneak in a movie whenever we can. Sometimes we combine work with our date night and make the most out of it! Last weekend we got to do all three!

While waiting on some clients we went to Barnes and Noble for a couple hours. The next morning, Daren had to go to the Eastern Market in Detroit and set up our bar we rent out. The plan was to go back that evening, after the wedding to tear down the bar. We turned a work night into a date night! To kill time, we went and saw the movie, The Meg, which was a lot of fun! Then at midnight, we headed to Detroit! Detroit is always a fun entertaining place to be…especially at midnight! And even though it’s work, we love what we do and always have fun together!

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