Tired Of That Tattling Elf On A Shelf?

We used to make and sell kid’s boutique style clothes, wooden purses and dolls when our kids were little. While looking through some old pictures, I came across these photos of a Christmas “Doll” we made in 2014! We were so sick of the “Elf on the Shelf” during Christmas time…our kid’s expected him to move every night! It was exhausting to find a new place each night let alone remember to move him at all! What disturbed me more than the elf itself was all the crazy fanatics on Pinterest that posted there new and “inventive” photos every day! They created props and scenes and stories, it was crazy, still is! Some of these folks had WAY too much time on there hands…especially the R rated Elf posers! Seriously, who were they hiding their elf for…and why?

Anyways, when it got to the point that we were blaming the elf NOT moving on our kids NOT behaving or their naughtiness I new we had a problem! We could fess up and explain that the elf was just not real…along with Santa, and the Easter Bunny and the tooth fairy and crush all their dreams…or say he died. Just kidding! Even after we created this funny elf skeleton the kids expected our elf, Clyde, to move for another three years. And the funny thing is…Our Forgotten Rotten Shelf Elf sold as soon as we listed him! We really should make more, he is pretty fun to freak people out!

Here was our listing…Was your child SO naughty last year that it shocked that tattle tailing elf to death? Or maybe you just forgot about him and he was stuck behind the gerbil cage since Christmas Eve!!! This year, why not have your kids open up the Christmas box to the “Forgotten Rotten Shelf Elf”! Only for those with a huge sense of humor…Our kids almost peed their pants!


Contact us if you’d like your own Forgotten Rotten Shelf Elf!

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