Howell Nature Center Signage

For this Howell Nature Center enteryway sign we sculpted these tree stumps out of concrete, created the sign out of pvc to look like wood, applied pvc cutout letters and cut the animal logo on top out of metal.
This Camp Imagination sign was created out of pvc to look like wood. We carved out the word camp and applied cut out pvc letters and icons for imagination…all hand painted.
This Fairy Garden sign was also created out of pvc with a 3D Fairy element.
This Spider Web Crawl sign was created using metal pipe, marine plywood as well as pvc letters.
This Weaving Wall sign was created using cedar wood and pvc cutout letters
This Stump Jump sign was made with cedar wood, pvc to look like wood as well as pvc cutout letters. All mounted on treated round log posts.
This Boulder Mountain sign was created to look like an actual Boulder using a foam base covered in concrete.
This Log Jam sign was made out of an actual 8ft treated log with the letters carved into the wood.
This Sand Dune sign was created with foam, covered in fiber glass, then spray painted and mounted on 6ft round log posts.