Mac Fiche Werifesteria, the Giant of Little Crooked Lake

We have always admired the work of Thomas Dambo, a Danish Sculptor who creates “Trolls” out of upcycled wood and other materials. After seeing his latest work, we posted on FB how fun it would be to create something like that and would anyone be interested in a huge wooden giant in their backyard? That is when our client, Jody Cook of Ask the Garden Gal, reached out to us!

Jody wanted something special and unique in her backyard to celebrate the fact that they have lived in their home, on Crooked Lake, for 20 years. After seeing our post, she knew she wanted a wooden giant and as we talked the ideas started to flow!

This 24 foot giant was made from recycled pallets, wood fencing and cedar shingles. His bushy beard was created from willow tree branches we pulled out of the old neighborhood burn pile.

Jody and her family named the giant The Giant Mac Fiche Werifesteria which translates “the son of twenty years” because, in Gaelic, “Mac” means “son” and “Fiche” means “twenty.”  “Werifesteria” is a made-up word but describes impulses to wander. 

Jody wanted the giant to look like he had just wandered out of the woods and sat down at the edge of the lake to take a rest and take in the beautiful scenery. And since Mac has become known as “The Giant of Little Crooked Lake”, he get’s lots of visitors checking him out as well!

Are you wondering what he looks like covered in snow? Here are some pictures below!

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