Our Great Find…

Daren and I are always on the lookout for cool shops, junkyards and recycle centers that carry fun and unique items. We often use old, tossed away objects in our art and room designs. We really enjoy upcycling something old and turning it into something new…creating one of a kind type pieces.

Last week we came across such a place simply called The Barn Antiques in Northville, Michigan. It’s literally an old, beautiful barn surrounded by modern, built up neighborhoods. The barn is full of odds and ends and antiques…everything from old pulleys, tin cans and furniture to old windows and French doors. Make sure you explore upstairs as well as outside. There are hidden treasures everywhere but the really cool thing about this place is their signs! Not only do they sell cool antique looking wooden signs but they have classes that teach you how to make your own! There is even a sign making section that offers four or five different sign options along with a plethora of stencil designs for you to choose from! Take a class by yourself or go in with a group of friends! And the prices are very reasonable! So if you’re in the area of Northville, we suggest you check them out…their address is 48120 8 Mile Rd.

We’d love to hear about your favorite antique stores, junkyards or other odds and ends type places…please email us or leave a comment below. Happy exploring!



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