What Do I Do to Get Started?

To get started on a project you need to take the bull by the horns, plunge in, seize the day, make the leap, go for it, just give us a call!

The process may seem overwhelming or you may be worried you don’t know what you want or how to describe it…don’t worry, this is one of our favorite parts! We love sitting down with a client and brainstorming together, hearing their vision and seeing the space. We’ll talk through what we can see in the space, how it’ll be used and what materials will work. We’ll even take a few measurements! Then we’ll sit down with you and talk about your budget and deadlines. It is extremely helpful if you know how much you would like to spend on your project. This helps us with the scope of things and what materials we can use to make your vision come to life! For an explanation of this please read this article. 

Once we understand your budget, we will go research the best supplies, tools and applications. We’ll make a few drawings, renderings and mock-ups of how it will actually look in the space. We usually have an option A and an option B so that when we meet with you again, we can discuss both options.

Option A is exactly how we would like to do the project…what materials and applications we think would best be used for the project. We fit in everything the client was asking for, all the bells and whistles! We try to stay within budget but sometimes, to fit everything in, it goes over. That’s ok, because we’ll work out how we can tackle the project in phases or as a “à la carte” type project. A perfect example of this would be an indoor playhouse we did for a dentist office. The client originally wanted a playhouse along with murals on the walls with a picnic type area and a pretend camp fire. We drew up the space, estimated the cost for the whole project and then the client was able to choose the pieces that were most important to him to have in the first phase. See pictures below.

Option B is no lesser of an option, it’s just a different way of creating the space. We think of ways to make the same amount of impact while using materials or techniques that allow us to stay within the given budget. We try to include everything the client asks for if possible. A perfect example of this would be a hallway of trees we did for an indoor kids area. The client wanted  three dimensional trees going down the hall but had a tight budget for the project. Instead of creating large, realistic trees made of resin, we came up with the idea of making fun, colorful, three dimensional trees that had the same wow factor (if not more), while using a lot less materials to make them! Check out the photos below.


So, if your ready to get started on a fun project, give us a call…we’d love to hear from you!


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